8 Best Silk Pillowcases of 2023

Silk pillowcases are not only wonderfully comfortable to rest your head on, but they also offer other advantages that will help you obtain the finest beauty sleep possible. Unlike other fabrics, silk’s smooth surface enables your hair and skin to slide over it without causing any snagging or other damage. Because regular pillowcases may create friction, which can lead to skin creases that eventually become wrinkles, as well as bedhead and frizz, which can be a pain to manage in the morning.


We have examined many silk items, including silk pillowcases, silk sheets, silk pajamas, and silk scrunchies, to guarantee that they are soft, pleasant, and long-lasting.


Best Silk Pillowcases

25mm Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


  • Comfortable
  • Abrasion-proof fabric
  • Moisture-wicking fabric that’s cool


  • Minor shrinkage after washing

This style not only fared very well in our analysis, but also left a strong enough impression on us to give it serious consideration. It was exceptional compared to others since it absorbed sweat and lasted a long time without being tattered. It’s been rated well for its comfort and ability to keep its users cool throughout the night. One reviewer even went so far as to say, “The silky case was better for my hair than my cotton pillowcase.”


BEDSURE Satin Pillowcase


  • Outstanding value
  • Feeling of smoothness
  • Laundering tolerance is high.


  • Made of polyester rather than genuine silk


Despite not being manufactured from real silk, this pillowcase has become Amazon’s top seller. Instead, polyester satin was used because of its lower cost and greater durability. We found that it washed well, was more wrinkle-resistant than actual silk, and was universally praised by reviewers for its silky smoothness. In addition to passing all of our internal testing, it also has a 4.5-star rating from over 260,000 customers on Amazon. Since they are marketed as a pair, you may have both for less than $5. You should be aware that Synthetic satin may be cheaper, but it lacks the sumptuous feel of genuine silk and does a poor job of preventing bed head, smoothing out wrinkles, or keeping you cool.


PROMEED 100% Silk Pillowcase


  • Its smooth.
  • Perfect moisture wicking ratings
  • A good selection of sizes and combinations


  • Less resistant to abrasion than the other cases we examined


This silk case is a new addition that impressed us with its exceptional quality while being substantially less expensive than previous types. T he fabric is robust and shrink-resistant, but its abrasion resistance is just mediocre. It is sweat-wicking, and reviewers praised it for being smooth and comfy.


Aside from its proven functionality, this silk pillowcase is available in a variety of sizes to assist you discover the perfect fit. It comes in more sizes than other alternatives (including a tiny version for toddlers or travel pillows), and you can purchase a single or two-pack for an even better deal.


Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


  • lavish and comfy
  • After sleeping on it, users noticed no skin wrinkles.
  • Simple return policy


  • After frequent washes, the surface becomes less smooth.


If you’re most worried about facial wrinkles, this pillowcase received excellent marks from reviewers for feeling smooth and avoiding skin creases. It also received great scores for being cool and comfy to sleep on, with people remarking that it seemed thicker than other silk pillowcases they’d tried.


The smoothness faded somewhat after multiple washings, and it wasn’t nearly as durable as others, but it performed well throughout our testing. One thing we really like about this case is the brand’s generous trial period: Brooklinen has a year-long return policy, so you can receive a full refund even if you don’t love it.


BLISSY Silk Pillowcase


  • Users said it prevented bed head
  • High comfort ratings
  • Holds up well to washing


  • More expensive than others


We found that this top-choice brand of silk pillowcases lived up to its reputation as one of the most sought-after options. Users with thick, curly, and frizzy hair reported waking up with no bed head, which is the highest grade for mess-free hair among tests. The fabric was also praised for being “the ideal weight — neither too light or too heavy,” according to one of the reviewers. In addition, the pillowcase held up well after many washes in many reviews, which is particularly impressive given the fragility of silk.


MYK Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


  • It is less expensive since there is less silk.

  • Fabric is strong



  • Users complained that the cotton side is uncomfortable.


While silk pillowcases may be costly, just using one side is necessary. The top is made of 100% silk, but the bottom is cotton to keep the price down. Reviewers , said the silk performed well, retaining its suppleness even after numerous launderings and showing no signs of shrinking. 


Although it was generally favorably welcomed by users, its ratings from consumer evaluators were rather ordinary and not as high as others on our list. They said the cotton side was a little harsh, but the silk side was quite comfortable.


THXSILK Aqua Series Silk Pillowcase


  • Perfect smoothness ratings.

  • Feeling of coolness

  • Sold directly from the manufacturer


  • After laundry, there were evidence of wear.

If you wish to cover your whole bed in silk, THXSILK also sells a variety of additional silk items, including high-performance silk sheets. The goods are all sold directly by the silk maker, which helps to keep costs low while maintaining performance. This pillowcase, in particular, received flawless marks, which simulate tossing and turning, and reviewers gave it ideal smoothness ratings after using it at home.


They also praised its simple zipper fastening and cool feel. Just keep in mind that it did exhibit some indications of wear after washing, and the company makes skin-related claims that we were unable to substantiate in our research. Still, if you want to try a silk pillowcase without spending a lot, this is a fantastic alternative.


SLIP Pure Silk Pillowcase


  • Fabric is ultra-smooth

  • Sleeping comfort 

  • Moisture wicking and temperature regulation



  • costly and delicate


When it first launched in luxury department stores like Sephora and Nordstrom, this buzzy company was largely responsible for popularizing silk pillows. This is because the fabric is so very soft, and it continues to be one of the main reasons why it is such a successful product even now.

It received the highest softness scores in a blind comparison. Users who tried it out in their own homes reported a pleasant sleeping experience. Take extra care with this one since the cloth isn’t as sturdy as others and it wrinkled easily after being washed. Compared to other sleek choices, it’s also somewhat pricey.


How much of an investment are silk pillowcases really?


Yes! Silk pillowcases are luxurious to sleep on, and they also have the added advantage of making your hair and skin softer. New York City dermatologist and author of It’s Not Just About Wrinkles, Neal Schultz, M.D., believes a silky smooth surface may lessen the long-term impact of friction from tossing and turning on the skin.


Similar to how you’re less likely to wake up with frizz and knots in your hair if there’s less friction while styling it. However, it’s important to bear in mind that you shouldn’t put too much faith in bold claims like improved skin, increased amino acid absorption, or slowed aging.
However, it’s important to bear in mind that you shouldn’t put too much faith in bold claims like improved skin, increased amino acid absorption, or slowed aging.
Tips for finding high-quality silk pillowcases 


While silk pillowcases may all seem to be the same at first glance, there is a wide range in terms of quality and smoothness. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a silk pillowcase:


Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a silk pillowcase: ware of the distinction between silk and satin: Satin is the weave, whereas silk is the fiber. Satin pillowcases are often composed of silk, although cheaper polyester versions are also available. There is no finer silk than Mulberry silk. Picture it like the silk of Egyptian cotton. The longer and more homogeneous fibers provide for a softer, stronger, and more enduring fabric. The longer and more homogeneous fibers provide for a softer, stronger, and more enduring fabric.


Check the momme: momme is the weight of a silk cloth. Thread count is a common way to describe the quality of cotton sheets. You can often find anything in the 15-30 momme range, however the best performers in our evaluations were at the 22 momme level or above.

You can often find anything in the 15-30 momme range, however the best performers in our evaluations were at the 22 momme level or above.


Pillowcase closure: Since silk pillowcases tend to be slippery, you should pay attention to the closure to ensure that your favored pillow will remain securely within. Envelope closure (where the fabric folds back on itself) and zipper closure (where the fabric opens and closes) are two common methods of fastening coverings. Generally speaking, zippers do a better job of completely enclosing the cushion, although they may be very fragile and difficult to use.


Check the washing instructions: you won’t believe it, but silk pillowcases may be put into the washing machine. Be careful to read the label before you purchase; most items will call for a gentle wash and a line dry.