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Treat yourself to the best gaming chair .

There are several ways to define the best gaming chair. It may be a robust office chair to keep you supported throughout the day and into the evening or a huge hacker throne to rest your rump on while watching a stream. It’s important to note that durability, ergonomics, and customisation come first. We’ve selected the top gaming seats below that don’t sacrifice either comfort or aesthetics and that have stood the test of time, or what we like to call “buttock benchmarking.”


Your spine must be taken into consideration while selecting the finest gaming chair. Your body is a tender, squishy meatbag that need some tender loving care. Additionally, a chair must provide the finest back support possible for your body type; if necessary, a doctor should be consulted. There are seats with wonderful lumbar support, neck cushions, and built-in back massagers. Putting gimmicks aside, a nice chair may cost a little more, but the ergonomic advantages will make it a worthwhile purchase.


However, a gaming chair may not always be the ideal option. Y ou should make sure that you’re sitting on something that is perfect for you and comfy while you use your computer to work or study. It’s up to you whether that entails a vibrant gaming aesthetic, a more serious appearance appropriate for conference calls, or a variety of tweaks for when you need to relax and recover.


Tips To Help You Choose The Best Gaming Chair

Support and adjustability: Gaming seats are more comfortable since they are extremely adaptable. Some gaming chairs may tilt up to 165 degrees; you can lift and angle the armrests into upward or downward positions; and you can often elevate or decrease the lumbar support. The important thing to remember is that a decent gaming chair should provide your body enough of support. The backrest of gaming seats is much taller than that of an ordinary office chair. The best gaming chair provides back and shoulder support to prevent you from becoming fatigued. The chair will push you straighter the more support your back and shoulders muscles have.


Weight capacity: We’ve included a list of each chair’s maximum weight capacity to assist you in selecting one that will provide enough support.


Additional features: Many gaming chairs include extra features like head cushions and reclining capabilities that improve the comfort of the gaming experience.


Best Overall Gaming Chairs: Razer Enki Massage Chair

Best Budget Gaming Chair: Homall Racer Gaming Chair

Best Tall People Gaming Chair: Andaseat Kaiser 3 Gaming Chair

Best Ergo Gaming Chair: Logitech G X Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair

Best Value Gaming Chair: E-win Champion Gaming Chair


Best Gaming Chairs In 2023

Razer Enki

Seat Width: 21″ | Tilt: 90-152° | Ergonomics: 4D adjustable armrests, built-in lumbar support, neck pillow | Max Load: 299 lbs

The Razer Enki is a more expensive choice among gaming chairs, but what you get for your money is a sturdy build, exceptional comfort, lovely design, and much-needed lumbar support for your longest gaming sessions. You’ll be more than happy with the purchase if you’re a player who can lose hours raiding or begging oneself to play just one more game.


A five-legged aluminum base and steel frame provide sturdy metal support for the Razer Enki. All of this substantial, sturdy support is perfectly complimented by the seat itself, which uses high density foam and is covered in soft, synthetic leather to provide the utmost in comfort.


The backrest of the seat has shoulder arches that extend 110 degrees and give enough support for your upper body. The seat pan is just over 21 inches broad at its widest point.

The chair’s pneumatic cylinder functions quietly and enables simple up-and-down adjustments with the height adjustment paddle on the right side, while the lever on the left side serves as the paddle for locking the seat tilt. 


The padding on the armrests is based by the T-armrests seen on typical office chairs. However, these armrests are “4D adjustable,” which means that the user may utilize the tab and button integrated into the armrest to move each one up, down, laterally to the left or right, and rotate.


With the gaming chair, the Razer Enki comes with a high-quality foam headrest cushion. The cushion’s cushioning is memory foam, and its outside is made of black velvet. It has the Razer emblem on the cloth and has a nice appearance.


Time will tell whether Razer’s materials and design can last years of use, but based on what we’ve seen so far, the Razer Enki is a superb gaming chair that outperforms its rivals at a reasonable price.


  • Fantastic lumbar support
  • An extremely comfy and stain-resistant seat
  • Its durable


  • Quite expensive
  •  Lumbar support and head pillow are not adjustable

AndaSeat Kaiser 3

Seat Width: 12.75″  | Ergonomics: 4 way adjustable, magnetic armrests, built-in lumbar support, neck pillow | Max Load: 395 lbs

The AndaSeat XL Kaiser 3 gaming chair is a roomy, luxurious chair that will cradle you in relaxation. Large and extra large are the two available sizes for the Kaiser 3. The big model is for anyone under 260 pounds and up to 6’2″. The XL model is better suited to those with Viking builds because of its roomy Titan steel frame, which can support people up to 6’9″ and 395 pounds.


This luxurious computer chair, which costs $549,  is so adaptable that you could sit on it cross-legged and still enjoy it.

The Kaiser 3 boasts a magnetic memory foam neck cushion that stays in place without straps and an inbuilt lumbar support system with four settings. Wherever you like to rest your elbows, this chair is available for you with its adjustable armrests that rotate, move up and down, and move side to side.


The reclining function is securely fastened with a bright red screw, with a severe warning not to remove it until the top part of the chair is put together, out of concern for user safety. A snap-on cover is used to hide the hole once the safety screw has been removed.

The neck cushion and the padded armrest coverings both use magnets to secure them.


Stain-resistant DuraXtra leatherette is simple to clean with a moist microfiber towel and soapy water. While spills should be quickly wiped with a cloth, EverSoft linen may be vacuumed. For stain removal, AndaSeat advises using water-based products.

You may recline the seat by pulling a lever on the side. From a 90° upright position to a virtually flat 165°, you may recline to any position.

The tilt tension, which determines how much the chair will rock depending on your weight, is adjusted via a large knob on the bottom of the seat. The tilt mechanism of the chair is locked at the chosen angle by a sizable lever on the bottom of the chair, or it may rock freely. The chair height is controlled by another lever.


You may swivel the armrests or move them up and down, forward and back, using the three separate buttons on each arm rest. The lumbar support is controlled by two large knobs on the side of the chair; one side adjusts the height of the support and the other adjusts the level of assistance.



  • Extremely adjustable
  • Tilt, rock, or recline
  • faux leather options 
  • Large and extra-large sizes


  • Pricey
  • Heavy

Homall Racer

Seat Width: 20.5″  | Ergonomics: Non adjustable armrests, built-in lumbar support, neck pillow | Max Load: 300 lbs

Although taste is subjective, we believe the Homall S-racer looks especially attractive with its multi-colored aesthetics and embroidered back design. Additionally, it has noticeable colored stitching along all of its corners and lengths, which is a nice feature that we had previously appreciated in more pricier seats.


The racing-style seat guarantees that you are adequately safe without feeling hemmed in or squeezed in the sides, which would be unpleasant for extended periods of time.

The Homall S-racer should last many play sessions since it is made of a 1.8mm steel frame, high-density foam, and synthetic leather. There isn’t much more you can expect from a chair that retails for roughly $100 in terms of value.

If you want the look and feel of a gaming chair but don’t want to pay the astronomical rates some companies are asking, this is an excellent affordable solution.   


Well, for a budget chair, it’s hard to expect more than what this chair has. It seems that as the price point drops, the quality of the armrests is first to go.

At six feet tall with somewhat long arms, the armrests are at the right height for me. This is good news because they don’t adjust in any way. I really wish they had some padding on the top, as the plastic armrests feel a bit abrasive after a while.



  • Excellent aesthetic appeal
  • simplicity of adjustment
  • wide bucket seat


  • A bit small armrests 
  • Relatively narrow
Best Gaming Chairs In 2023

Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody

Seat type: Task chair | Material:Multi-layer fabric | Seat height: 17–22 inch | Weight capacity: 136kg (300lbs) | Weight: 23kg (51lbs) | Warranty: 12-year

I’ll be honest; when I heard about the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody, the cost was the first thought that sprang to mind. It costs $1,595 for a gaming chair, so it makes sense that most of us wouldn’t be able to afford it. There are several less expensive options to take into consideration in our best gaming chair list if you object to the idea of spending so much of your hard-earned money.


But Herman Miller is a company founded on the idea that ergonomics are something worth investing in. And by that, more than just a lumbar cushion and a fake-racing-chair style seem to be implied. The Embody is much more understated. Instead, it is counting on consumers willingly parting with cash for excellent ergonomics and comfort. With that in mind, I’ve attempted to think about why you may want to spend the price of a used vehicle on a gaming chair and if you’ll feel like you got your money’s worth when writing this review.


  Working from home and spending the most of the day sitting down has made finding a comfy chair I can trust with the care of my spine a requirement.

Actually, the Embody chair is compact. Herman Miller asserts that an ergonomic chair done perfectly need not have a towering headrest, and the chair’s narrow body-fitting backrest and compact frame contribute to its overall design. 


One of the minor practical differences between the Embody and Logitech G Embody is a foam layer inside the seat. It is supposed to keep your back cool and provide a little bit additional support when sitting bolt upright. 


This chair’s most obvious quality is that you can sit in it all day without experiencing any pain in your lower back. Your upper half may move about the office all day into postures that are definitely not ergonomic, but your lower body tends to remain stationary at a desk, so it’s crucial to get that exactly right. The Embody thankfully does it.



  • Improves blood and oxygen flow 
  •  Best back support 
  • 12-year/round-the-clock warranty


  • Very costly in comparison to most 
  • No headrest at all

AKRacing Core Series EX

Seat Width: 21.25″ | Tilt: 3-18° | Ergonomics: 4D adjustable armrests, built-in lumbar support, neck pillow | Max Load: 250 lbs

When compared to more costly versions, the Core EX Series is AKRacing’s gaming chair that provides minimal extras or high-end accessories. It’s one of the most affordable gaming chairs we’ve reviewed, coming in at $329, yet it still manages to feel solid and comfy while providing helpful adjustments that office chairs don’t.


There is no polyurethane leather covering on the Core EX (PU). Instead, it is covered with a polyester fabric that resembles a mesh. If you don’t want a leather-like feel, this option feels excellent, but a little harsher than PU leather. Of course, it also makes the Core EX far less costly than the PU leather seats from AKRacing.


It is supported by a metal frame and has thick foam cushioning on the sides, seat, and backrest. The cushioning is concentrated on the chair’s surfaces that come into close contact with you, leaving the back empty except from the padding that wraps around the metal frame. It’s a strong, thick design.


The chair is supported by a five-legged, black metal base with five free-swiveling, 2.5-inch casters. By pulling the lever on the bottom right of the chair, the conventional hydraulic cylinder in the base may raise or lower the seat by 16.9 to 20.2 inches.


The Core EX has two pillows that may be removed. One is a head cushion with an elastic band that attaches to the headrest. The other is a lumbar support cushion, which you slide up and down using two elastic straps that are adjustable to fit your back and the back of the chair. They may be simply attached or removed to suit your requirements and are made of the same breathable fabric as the upholstery.


The Core EX chair is covered by a 5/10-year guarantee from AKRacing. The chair’s metal frame is covered by a 10-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, and the complete chair is covered for five years.


As one of the few that is capable of folding back to a 180-degree angle, o ther manufacturers only allow reclining angles between 165 and 170 degrees.

The AKRacing Core EX gaming chair costs $330, which isn’t especially cheap but is still cheaper than many other versions while providing the same features like metal construction, a reclining function, and several armrest adjustments. It’s a cozy, fabric alternative that falls on the more cheap half of the price range. Anyone who wants to explore beyond faux leather or just spend a little less on a fully equipped gaming chair might consider the Core EX.



  • Reasonably priced for a gaming chair.
  • Strong, comfortable build.
  • Breathable upholstery fabric.


  • Not as thickly padded as it could be.
  • Completely flat reclining  seems unstable.

E-WIN Champion

Seat Width: 21″ | Tilt: 3-18° | Ergonomics: 4D adjustable armrests, built-in lumbar support, neck pillow | Max Load: 300 lbs

With a cheap pricing, the E-WIN Champion series distinguishes out from the Ewin’s 4D armrest design’s availability of several height adjustments is a major plus. Most chairs only come with three different height settings, but the Ewin model has six. That gives gamers, who come in all different heights and arm lengths, far greater options.


The 4D armrests may tilt from side to side, move in and out, and forward and backward. You may utilize any of these wonderful features to choose the ideal level of comfort. The armrests often shift when I pull the chair to a new spot, and you can’t hold the tilt in place, which is the one thing I don’t like.


Fortunately, the armrest’s top is rather sturdy while yet offering sufficient cushioning. 

This Ewin chair can recline from 85 to 155 degrees, allowing you to set the backrest at a five-degree angle from vertical. While gaming, I like to have my backrest exactly at 90 degrees, but if you’d like, you may move your seat over by 5 degrees.


At 155°, the chair’s rearward recline is rather normal, but when the rocker function is left unlocked, the recline truly shines. You may relax with your feet off the ground and in a nearly horizontal posture thanks to these two elements functioning together. Definitely a position in which I could nod off.


Despite being referred to as a headrest pillow, the Ewin Champion Series chair’s cushion rests on my the upper back rather than behind the head. It cannot be raised much higher due to the manner it is installed. But  If you’re between five and six feet tall, this cushion could be comfortable for you.


There is a lumbar support cushion with this chair, which may be simply adjusted up or down so that it is placed just where You want it on the lower back. 

The normal seat height adjustment on this Ewin chair is three inches. The top of the seat is 20.5 inches from the ground at its lowest point. 

The chair feels extremely comfortable and solid. The plastic sections that hide metal pinch points are the only unsightly, loose components, as is typical of most seats. They are usually out of sight and out of mind and are quite well concealed.


The seat and lumbar support cushion of the Ewin Champion Series chair provide a degree of comfort that I would anticipate from a decent gaming chair. Given how much movement your hands and arms experience when playing games, the armrests are very adjustable, which is significant.

Regarding the rocker function, When the chair is fully reclined (155°), it is a wonderful addition.


In the end, the E-WIN Champion series is arguably one of the better value alternatives right now even if it isn’t the finest overall option on the market if you have a smaller budget. So, the Champion series would be recommended if you’re seeking for the finest gaming chair for around $300.



  • Outstanding stitching
    an aluminum 5-wheel base
  • Armrests in 4D
    Quick and simple assembly
  • Combining a rocker with a recliner creates a relaxing environment.
  • Cushion for lumbar support


  • Backrest doesn’t have enough cushion
  • Rocker is challenging to maneuver
  • Pillow for headrest is too low.
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