12 Best Phone Watches For Kids In 2023

Buying the best phone watches for kids might be difficult since many parents are understandably worried about their child’s excessive use of electronic devices. I’ll explain what each watch can do, what ages they’re appropriate for, and which ones have the most helpful parental settings.


Parents and children may stay in touch with each other and with extended family and friends with the aid of the finest smartwatches for kids. There’s more to these kid-friendly watches than just telling time. Example: the TickTalk4 is our top option since it has features like emergency calling, messaging, and GPS monitoring that help soothe our minds as worried parents. Of course, many children’s smartwatches also have games, the ability to take selfies, and even music. Some children’s smartwatches even include built-in time management features, activity trackers to motivate physical exercise, and parental restrictions.


Being a parent in an advanced technology era is not easy most especially when your children want the same gadgets as you. Gone are the days when kids played with friends outside on the streets now all toys, games, kids electric cars are technologically advanced. we all know our gadgets are not safe for the kids and deterring them from accessing the adult world has been simplified by the best phone watches for kids in 2023. 


All the kids phone watches we’ve reviewed don’t compromise their innocence but rather give them independence under the parent’s guidance.

They have security features that enable the parents to know where they are at all times, voice call them and so much more. 


Best Phone Watches For Kids In 2023

1 . Laxcido Real-time Tracking Kids Watch

The Laxcido is a 3-in-1 kids watch. It works as a watch, mobile phone for calls and GPS tracker for real time tracking. The parent and child are always connected with the two way calling feature via sim card (though not provided).

With the electronic fence alarm you can set an area you consider safe, the GPS wearer is used as the center and if they move out of that area, an alarm will automatically be raised on your phone app.


The kid can take photos anywhere its like moving with a photo booth. The historical route track enables you to track lost luggage or even the child by retracing their steps. An alarm can be set to wake the little one up for school and the SOS button is used to call family members in case of an emergency.


Key Features


2 . Merit Soar Kids Smart Watch Phone

The beauty of the Merit Soar kids smart watch is that it has an HD touch screen that gives visual enjoyment to teh kids. For the smart watch phone to work, a simcard  has to be inserted and they recommend the $5 Speed Talk plan that has 100 minutes, 100mb data and 100 sms.

With the 1 GB storage space, sound recorder, 7 games(basketball shoot game, eat gold, bee war and others), mp3 player, alarm clock, camera to take photos wherever, your child will be entertained on the go.

Its down low is that you can’t know exactly where your kid is because there is no GPS tracker.


Key Features


3 . Karaforna Kids Smart Watch Phone

The Karaforna kids smart watch is great for a child into games. With  7 inbuilt learning games that will help the child in building their logical thinking. Parents can be able to call their children after inserting a sim card with the recommended one being the speed talk 2g sim card. The SOS button can be pressed twice to notify of an emergency.


It comes with 1 GB SD card so that the child can take selfies, listen to music and record sound. The adjustable watch straps can be adjusted according to the wrist. 

It has no GPS tracker so you can’t know where your child is in real time.


Key Features

4 . Lsflair Children's Smart Watch Phone

The Lsflair GPS children’s smart watch phone enables real time tracking of the child at all time. The watch allows for 3 emergency numbers to be set of which the child holds the SOS button for 3 seconds to notify the contacts of an emergency. The Speed talk sim card is recommended if you’re in the United States.


With the History Locus Track you can track the kids movements and know where they go after school. The alarm clock set at the right times helps the child develop a sense of time. The flashlight helps in the dark and the math games help sharpen their mathematical skills.


It enables two way communication where a child can call a parent or the other way around. Its safe for the child to go with at school with the do not disturb mode activated not to be distracted in class. 


Key Features

5 . 3210U Touch Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch Phone

The 3210U smartwatch is affordable and easy to use. It pairs with both android and ios phones using Bluetooth. This ensures that you read messages, receive phone calls, receive all notifications right on the smartwatch.


It’s able to make calls when a GSM network sim card is installed (this doesn’t come with the smart watch). It can track exercises, movements, sleep and steps. 

It comes with preinstalled games, an alarm, calculator, image viewer, MP3 player, and camera.

Having soft straps make it comfortable on the kid’s wrist. Its estimated to have a 24 hour battery life you should take into consideration that it depends on the usage.


Key Features

6 . YENISEY Kids Smart Watch Phone

The YENISEY kids smart watch phone is waterproof courtesy of the advanced IP67 waterproof technology and withstand rain days, floating unlike other kids smartwatches that are only sweat proof and can’t be in water. 


It works features as a watch, mobile phone for calls and GPS tracker for real time tracking. The child and parent can always communicate via sim card (though not provided). With the safe area feature you can set an area you consider safe, the GPS wearer acts as the center and if they move out of that area, an alarm will automatically be raised on your phone app.The kid can take photos anywhere and capture their good moments.


The SOS Emergency call features a push on the SOS button and an alarm is sent to the emergency contacts saved in the child’s phone to notify them of any problem in case the child is in distress.

Maths games, camera, voice chat alarm clock, flash light among others are the features that come with the watch to entertain and ease the child’s life.


Key Features

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