Best Toys And Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys In 2022

These are the best toys and gifts for 12 year old boys in 2022. Preteen boys are not easy to get gifts for simply because they’re undergoing lots of developments. They’re switching from the kids league to the teens. Their tastes and preferences are now different, they’ve grown physically and a lot is going on but don’t worry we’ve got you covered for that birthday, Christmas or special event gift. The list compiled below has gadgets, toys, games that he’ll adore.  the best toys and gifts for 12 year old boys in 2022.

Best Toys And Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys in 2022

1 . Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit

As featured on the shark tank this is a 2 on 2 game. It will enable your preteen to minimize screen time as they interact and play with friends and family.

It can be played anywhere in the living room, the beach or backyard. 

It includes a playbook. drawstring bag, playing balls and extra balls just incase.

2 . Apple Airpods Pro

The Apple Airpods Pro come with the charging case. Charging them is fast making them more convenient to use. If he’s an Iphone user, then these wireless earbuds will be impressive.

Their sound quality is great and connecting them to apple devices is seamless.  

3 . Star Wars R2-D2 Wall Charger

For a Star Wars fanatic this will be well received since its designed to look like Star wars’ R2-D2 . 

It comes with two USB charging slots with no cable attached and lights up when plugged in.

4 . Digital Coin Bank Savings Jar

With this savings jar he can know how much he has so far kept courtesy of the LCD display. Give him your loose change to instill a saving spirit as his yet to become a teen and spend his own.

 All US coins are supported like the Nickels, Quarters, Pennies, Half dollars and Dollar coins.

5 . JBL Clip 3 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

Listening to music while in the shower makes the whole process fun. Music makes us feel some type of way especially when we’re doing something and its on as a soother. 

Get him this waterproof bluetooth speaker that has over 10 hours of playtime and an integrated carabiner that enables you hook it on a backpack or belt loop.

6 . Lightining Reaction Shocking Game

The young man will have lots of fun with this zapping device. As a matter of fact the entire can play this game.

It works by each player holding a grip infront of them, a timer is set, as every one is watching the light the last person to press the button gets zapped or electrocuted. 

The level of electrocution can be set from low , medium and high considering how much zapping you can stand.

7 . Canon Ivy CLIQ Instant Camera Printer

Canon instant camera printer comes with three bright colors. Not only is it an instant camera but also it has a small selfie mirror and printer inbuilt.

With it you can instantly take photos, share them and print them out. You can carry it anywhere being it fits ina pocket or bag and start up a photo booth wherever you’re.

8 . Madden NFL 20 playstation 4

Make him feel he’s watching the live match football. From the voice commentary to the playbooks and the realistic graphics. 

In this popular game from EA Sports, let him compete like an NFL superstar.

9 . Xbox One S Battlefield V Bundle

This bundle comes with three Battlefield games, Xbox One S Console, one month game pass trial having access to over 100+ games.

With the Xbox One family settings you can choose screen time and privacy.

He will have fun though get ready not to see him for hours since he’ll be enjoying his game.

10 . Magnetic Dart Board

Other than flying darts hurting people, walls these magnetic ones aim at a these magnetic ones fly straight to the magnetic board.

The board comes with six safe magnetic darts without sharp tips to keep safe.