Knowing that snow and dirt would be tracked into my apartment on people’s shoes, I knew I would need the best mop for hardwood floors as soon as I settled in. To put it bluntly, I am completely and utterly hooked on this cleaning product; in fact, I would say it is one of my most favorite cleaning products of all time, and I have a lot of them!


But when I looked for the best mop for hardwood floors, I discovered hundreds of different mops that all claimed to be the finest. So I’m going to go ahead and do the same thing by claiming that my mop is the greatest mop for hardwood floors.


I am also providing links to several additional highly rated mops. Hopefully, you’ll have placed an order for one of these mops after reading this piece, and you’ll be able to confidently state that you own the finest mop for hardwood floors.

Best Mop For Hardwood Floors

“I love my O Cedar mopping system! I’m an avid mopper, having hard wood floors throughout my home. This mop and bucket have made mopping so easy.”

My Favorite Mop: O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

This mop beats all others in my book. You will feel totally badass as you spin the water out of the cloth using the spout of the bucket. You’ll save a ton of time mopping, and the floors will look great afterward.

“I love this machine. Let me repeat, I LOVE THIS MACHINE!!!! I bought mine a little under a year ago and have used it almost weekly. It cleans my wood-laminate floors WONDERFULLY.
GET THIS: you’re sweeping AND mopping at the same time. Who wants to sweep, and then go back over the same areas with the mop!?”


BISSELL Crosswave Wet Dry Mop for Hard Floors

Talk about rave reviews!! If you ask Amazon shoppers, they will probably tell you that this is the best mop for hardwood floors. Never in my life have I read such amazing reviews.


I have always been super intrigued by these wet-dry mops that are electric, I think they are SO cool!

“Through trial and error, I’ve basically tried every floor cleaning solution that is not this product. String mops, sponge mops, Swiffers, and the Swiffer wet-jet thing. They all fall short in some way (or in every way for some of them). This product is all of those things combined, but better.”GET THIS: you’re sweeping AND mopping at the same time. Who wants to sweep, and then go back over the same areas with the mop!?”

Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner​

What a great steam cleaner! Since Shark has such a dedicated fan base, I know I can put my faith in their product.


I’m all for a single product that can replace many different types of cleaners.

“I love how big the mop head is and it covers a lot of ground for quicker clean up time. The two washable reusable pads are thick and absorbent and I am very happy with the quality and my purchase.”

Large Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

This microfiber mop is awesome since the pads can be reused and cleaned in the washing machine, making it a great choice for anyone concerned with environmental sustainability.


This is one of the greatest push mops available; nevertheless, I personally prefer using a string mop. I mean, just read the feedback!


“I freaking loooove this mop! These mops are by far the absolute best. Super easy to wring out exactly how you want it, you control how much water you put on the floor. No other mop is as easy to do that with..”

Libman Wonder Mop & Refills Kit

Wow, this mop sure does have a fanatical following. It seems that people use it like a huge sponge to mop up messes, and it does a fantastic job.


Replacement heads are a great feature to have on a mop, since they tend to become gross very quickly. To top it all off, they may be cleaned in the washing machine.

I love this mop. No batteries and no need to buy extra pads. The floor looks and feels amazing. Other products would leave a sticky feeling on the floor. Your floor feels and looks clean.”

Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

Let me explain myself, please. I learnt from the reviews that this mop had a terrible reputation in the past, but that it had been improved upon and was now the greatest mop for hardwood floors.


It’s just a regular push mop with a spray trigger on the handle.

This is the best mop I have ever had for everyday spot mopping. It sprays a fine mist that makes clean up easy and the the floor dries super fast. Super light weight, stores easy and breaks down smaller for storage.”

Microfiber Spray Floor Mops for Floors Cleaning

Microfiber push mops, like the Dust Mop with 2 Reusable Washable Pads mentioned in this post, are common, but this one includes a spray so you can use cleaning solution and water. For a mop of this quality, less than $30 is a steal!

Love my swifter!! This is a great buy!! It came with 10 cleaning pads which was a huge bonus!! 5 regular pads and then 5 heavy duty pads!! The heavy duty are my favorite!! I literally use this everyday!!”

Swiffer WetJet Hardwood and Floor Spray Mop

In the realm of great works. Swiffer WetJet, she’s familiar and beloved. This mop is hotly contested as the finest mop for hardwood floors, and it sells like hotcakes.


Don’t take it from me; take it from the over 23,000 five-star reviews instead! A Swiffer WetJet is a time-tested, dependable choice for cleaning hardwood, tile, or other hard floor surfaces.

Best. Purchase. Ever. I need another one husband swore he would never accept a robot vacuum and claimed they were dumb. A week later, he was asking why we hadn’t gotten it sooner.”



2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

This could be the answer for you if you’re always on the move and never seem to have enough time to clean the floor.


I’ve always been skeptical about robot vacuums, but reading these reviews makes it more apparent that this it works. Having one of these in my flat would be quite cool.

Ordered this microfiber mop and handle. GREAT choice by me…. ! It works great and is exactly what I needed for the new textured flooring I had put down. Picks up everything you see and can’t see.”


Dust Mop with 2 Reusable Washable Pads

This is a fantastic alternative for a dust mop if you don’t want to bother with water or cleaning solutions. It’s more of a broom than a mop, but it costs less than $25 and comes highly recommended.


The microfiber cleaning pads may be reused and cleaned in the washing machine for even greater cleaning results than a traditional broom can provide.

I wish I had found this mopping system years ago! It has made mopping a breeze for this 83 year old lady who has a bad back. I always dreaded mopping because I had to lean over (pain in the back!) to wring out a mop by hand. Never again!!! “

Upgraded Stainless Steel Deluxe 360 Spin Mop & Bucket

This reminds me a lot of the O-Cedar mop I have, however this one seems to be made of metal. You’ll never have to bend to mop again thanks to the extra-long pole, as mentioned in several reviews.


I’m quite interested in seeing how this mop stacks up against the O-Cedar mop.

I sweep & mop my floors every day & have been using this broom/mop for 2 months and it still appears to look & function as if it is brand new.”

Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System

In excess of 12,000 customers have rated this microfiber mop 5 stars on Amazon, claiming it to be the finest mop for hardwood floors.


The reviewer even claims to own a cleaning service and recommends this mop as the best on the market. Whoa, that’s really saying something!

This is a must have for anyone with hardwood or vinyl flooring. This is a game changer for us because we no longer have to compromise between time and cleanliness. The battery lasts long enough for us to do the kitchen, dining room, living room on a single charge. “


Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

This gadget has unlimited uses. It’s great for efficiency because it can vacuum and mop at the same time. Reports indicate that it cleans exceptionally well and has an exceptionally long battery life.

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