20 Best Bathrobes For Women According To Women

After a refreshing shower, choose one of the best bathrobes for women after pating yourself dry with a bath towel, slip into the plush robe for the ultimate in relaxation. It’s helpful when you’re still in your jammies and you don’t want to get dressed quite yet (but somebody’s at the house!). A bathrobe is the perfect alternative to a towel since it keeps you warm, covers your body, and doesn’t slip off. On top of that, it replicates the spa experience directly in your own house.


We’ve researched the finest robes from the most highly rated towel companies and selected the most comfortable options in fleece, silk, and terry. Towels are often produced out of the same material as a brand’s bathrobes, therefore GH analysts examine them in the lab for things like washability, absorbency, drying time, and shrinking. Some of these designs were also tried out by consumer testers, who provided input on the garments’ softness, comfort, fit, and more.


Best Bathrobes For Women

Ugg Miranda Robe

Heads up: after you put on this hooded wrap, you may have trouble removing it and putting on your regular clothing. “I’ve never found a robe that cozy. When I put it on, I immediately feel like I want to “simply lie down in bed after a hard day,” as one customer described it.


Alexander Del Rossa Fleece Robe

For less than fifty dollars, you can have this luxurious long fleece robe in your choice of eighteen different colors and sizes (extra-small to extra-large). It’s warm without being stuffy, and the fabric is wonderfully soft and comfortable. One pair of belt loops is located higher on the waist for shorter people, while the other set is located lower on the waist for taller people, making for a more custom fit.


U2SKIIN Cotton Robe

This robe, made from organic cotton from start to finish, is as luxuriously smooth and airy as a well-loved vintage one. The knee-length design and three-quarter-length sleeves make this a great choice for warmer regions or summer months, but don’t let that stop you from wearing this beauty year-round.


Just Love Printed Plush Bathrobe

This is the kind of robe you’d find in a five-star hotel or spa anywhere in the world; it has a thick, luxurious twill microfiber outside and a thin, comfortable cotton and polyester toweling within. Another plus is that it can be washed in the washing machine.


Monarch Terry-Lined Hotel Robe

This is the kind of robe you’d find in a five-star hotel or spa anywhere in the world; it has a thick, luxurious twill microfiber outside and a thin, comfortable cotton and polyester toweling within. Another plus is that it can be washed in the washing machine.


Hill House Home Drew Robe

This wrap robe has soft, lightweight cotton interlock fabric, the kind often used in infant apparel. The range of cute prints that go with the brand’s famous nap dresses is a major selling point. Get a monogram on the left chest of your pajamas for an additional $15.


Pavilia Premium Fleece Robe

There’s always that one person in your circle of friends or family  who never seems to warm up. This fleece robe reaches down to her ankles, keeping her toasty, and the hood adds an extra layer of warmth to her ears and face. The same design is also available in even more vibrant colors when the hood is left off.


Eberjey Gisele Robe

The pajamas from Eberjey may be pricey, but they are well worth the investment. One reviewer, describes the fabric as “seasonless” since it “somehow” manages to be both warm and lightweight. She likes it so much that she has two versions of it—one in pink and one in blue.


Super Plush Bathrobe

  • Exceptionally absorbing
  • Cool to wear
  • Wears well and goes well with the brand’s top-rated towels.
  • Some shrinking may occur after washing.

Super Plush Towels from Brooklinen were among the thickest varieties we examined, and they were a big hit. The terrycloth cotton used in its creation makes it an ideal choice for use after a quick rinse in the tub or shower. Reviewers confirmed its velvety texture and exceptional absorbency, earning it a near-perfect grade for softness. After a few washes, however, the fabric shrank and looked worn. The length of this robe “didn’t drag on the floor,” according to one reviewer.


Women's Winter Fleece Robe

  • Optimum warmth

  • Full-length

  • Monogram is simply $8 more.

  • Some customers wished the cloth was “fluffier.”

L.L. Bean’s soft fleece bathrobe is ideal for chilly weather since it is full-length, so you are completely covered. It’s also available in regular, petite, and plus sizes. According to online reviews, it’s ideal for layering over pajamas in the winter. Although the fleece is quite smooth, some reviewers wish it were fluffier. With six color and personalization possibilities, this robe would also make a fantastic Christmas present.


LACOSTE Home Pique Bath Robe

  • Easy hang tab
  • Short length
  • More than 1,000 Amazon reviews
  • Sizes are limited.


This robe from Lacoste, an affordable option compared to the majority of the highlighted options that cost at least $100, may be had for as little as $37. We  discovered that Lacoste towels are very plush and absorbent. This kind of bathrobe is tailored to hit well above the knee, making it ideal for women with shorter legs. This robe is made from cotton terrycloth, so it’s soft and luxurious, just like your towels. The two huge front pockets and the convenient rear tab make this an excellent coat, and we like the collar’s attention to detail.



  • Soft, absorbent, and lightweight
  • Return policy that is generous
  • There are seven color possibilities.
  • It shrinks in the dryer


This waffle-style robe by Brooklinen is woven from 100% Turkish cotton to be lightweight, breathable, and gentle on the skin. Towels did shrink somewhat said reviewers for optimal results, hand wash and dry them flat.



  • Style-adding piping details
  • Organic cotton fabric that’s been certified as both fair trade and by the Global Organic Textile Standard


  • It shrinks after drying

This waffle cotton robe is not only 100% organic, but also Fair Trade Certified and GOTS certified, which ensures that the farmers get a fair income and that all steps in the production and distribution of the garment adhere to strict environmental and social standards. Reviewers like the pockets and trendy design, but were dissatisfied with the significant shrinking that occurred after machine washing and drying. The robe will retain its shape and size best if dried on a clothesline.


THIRDLOVE The Everything Robe

  • Comfy sweatshirt-like feel
  • Has a hoody
  • Comes in only one color

We was blown away by ThirdLove’s cozy robe because of its unbelievable softness, which is reminiscent of a hoodie. The snaps at the top help keep this robe closed, which reviewers find to be a really convenient feature. Even one reviewer said, “I’ve never felt this strongly about a bathrobe – I can’t stop wearing it at home because it’s so soft.” Remember that black is the only color choice.



  • Quilted material
  • It has a Chic design
  • It is Extremely warm
  • Costs almost $300

We was blown away by ThirdLove’s cozy robe because of its unbelievable This winter, wrap yourself in the coziest robe ever. The OFFHOURS robe impressed us since it looked and felt sophisticated while providing the coziness of a blanket. It’s made out of soft quilted fabric and has handy side pockets. With gender-neutral sizing, you may choose between a conventional size and a smaller size.


Due to its bulky construction and enormous dimensions, reviewers found that it required a lot of storage space when not in use., which is reminiscent of a hoodie. The snaps at the top help keep this robe closed, which reviewers find to be a really convenient feature. Even one reviewer said, “I’ve never felt this strongly about a bathrobe – I can’t stop wearing it at home because it’s so soft.” Remember that black is the only color choice.


L.L. BEAN Women's Scotch Plaid Flannel Robe

  • Its made of Cotton flannel fabric
  • Its warm and Lightweight 
  • Monogram is a little $8 more
  • Some reviewers note its thinner

The flannel sold by L.L. Bean is famous for its excellent quality and luxurious softness. This year, flannel robes are an essential for the winter holidays. We really like that this robe can be ordered in standard, petite, and plus sizes, and that it comes in a range of plaid colors. Some reviewers wish it were thicker, but everyone agrees that the soft, lightweight warmth is great.


LUNYA Washable Silk Robe

  • Monogram is available
  • Reviewers loved the cinching sleeves
  • Its Machine washable
  • Expensive

Incorporating a little bit of pampering into your self-care routine is easy when you wrap yourself in a luxurious silk robe. This 100% silk robe is offered in seven color options ranging from subtle to striking. Reviewers praised the fashionable, loose sleeves created by the knotting at the wrists. This option is more expensive than others, but it can be cleaned in the washing machine.


GRAVITY Modernist Weighted Robe

  • Removable Weighted collar 
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Cozy exterior


  • Limited sizing

This robe is like a weighted blanket and a robe rolled into one. Some people find that wearing a collar with a three pound weighted wrap helps them relax and forget their worries. Someone who tried it said, “it’s actively helped relieve my neck and shoulder discomfort.” The “soft and warm the fluffy sherpa-like fabric feels,” which was a huge hit with the test subjects. The weight is detachable, to to the delight of reviewers, so you can choose between enjoying the extra heft and wearing the robe as is. The fabric is a warm and cozy 100% polyester fleece.


WEEZIE Women's Long Robe

  • 100% long organic  cotton
  • Monogram available
  • Comfy long length
  • Costs Close to $200 with embroidery

Weezie’s very plush robe is crafted from 100% organic long-staple cotton. Although the long length is ideal for the colder months, reviewers pointed out that the robe is somewhat warm and heavy to wear. One reviewer said, “I really like how the belt was fastened so it wouldn’t get lost or jiggle about. It comes in eight distinct designs, and you can even have it embroidered with your own monogram for an extra fee.


FISHER'S FINERY 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Robe

  • Super silk material
  • Eight colors available
  • Dry cleaning is recommended

We have approved the luxurious comfort of silk pillows and eye masks from Fisher’s Finery. The same sumptuous silk was used for both the inside and the outer layer of this robe. There’s a great look for you among the five sizes and eight colors offered. The reviewers thought it was too snug, so they suggested ordering a size bigger. This robe is best washed by hand or dry cleaned, but the included mesh wash bag allows for machine washing on the mild cycle if necessary.


A guide to choose the perfect bathrobe.

Consider your intended use: For the robe before making a purchase decision. Summer calls for a light cotton or linen robe, while winter calls for a thick, fluffy one. Robes made of cotton terrycloth or waffle weaves are great choices for lounging about the house in after a shower.

Fabric: Robes come in a wide range of fabrics and weaves to accommodate individual tastes. Let’s break down  the fundamental distinctions between the most popular bathrobe materials:

  • Terrycloth: Towels are often made of terrycloth. It’s a fabric with plenty of loops of thread sticking out so it can soak up lots of moisture. This kind of fabric, which is often made up of 100% cotton, is perfect for a robe you may put on after a quick shower.
  • Waffle: The distinctive pattern used in waffle weave results in squares or diamonds. Towels made of this material are just as common as those made of terrycloth, but they weigh less and soak up less water.
  • Linen: Made from the flax plant, linen is a sustainable fabric with a long history. It has a reputation for being light and airy but is often not as soft as other fabrics.
    Fleece is the softest synthetic fabric, and it is especially cozy after it has dried out.
  • Flannel: Flannel is a kind of woven fabric that has a napped, brushed texture on at least one side (often 100% cotton). It is highly sought for throughout the winter months and the holiday season because of how well it works in the chillier climates.
  • Silk: The silky smoothness you experience is a result of the material being completely natural. To get dressed in style, slip into a luxurious silk robe.

Sizes: One may choose from a wide range of sizes: Since most robes come in a selection of different shapes and lengths. For information on whether a certain item is intended for women, men, or both, please refer to the accompanying size chart. Almost all of the reviewers picked out robes in their usual sizes, however a handful opted for a larger size.