11 Best Artificial Christmas Trees, For The Holidays

The most exciting part of the holiday season is setting up the Christmas tree, and more and more of us are choosing the best artificial Christmas trees to save time, work, and needles on the floor. Thankfully, the best artificial Christmas trees increasingly closely resemble their natural counterparts.


First, costs for actual trees are anticipated to increase by 5 to 15% this year compared to 2021. (according to the latest survey of tree growers conducted by the Real Christmas Tree Board.) In the meanwhile, your artificial spruce or Douglas fir will pay for themselves in a few years! You will not have to water your Christmas tree to maintain its freshness or vacuum up pine needles. Fake trees are also less of a fire threat and may be beneficial for the environment if they are kept for at least ten years. To do this, you’ll need to choose a tree that is built to endure and seems authentic with a pleasing form and genuine needles.


If you’re used to the tradition of a real Christmas tree, switching to an artificial one may seem like a significant change, but we believe you’ll be pleased with the finest artificial Christmas trees on the market…

Discover large, lush Christmas trees that will fool even the most keen eye, as well as festive upgrades with splashes of color and other surprises, in the following sections. We’re here for anything!

Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce – Best Overall Artificial Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill 7ft Nordmann Fir – Best realistic Artificial Christmas tree

National Tree Company 7.5-foot Feel Real Downswept Douglas Fir  – The best Statement Artificial Christmas tree

National Tree Company Artificial Slim Christmas Tree: Best Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree

PULEO INTERNATIONAL Fraser Fir Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree: Best Compact Artificial Christmas Tree

Tree Classics by Balsam Hill Real-Feel Heritage Balsam: Best Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

Snowy Faux Norway Spruce: Best Snowy Artificial Christmas Tree

Grandin Road Long Needle Tinsel Tree: Best Decorated Artificial Christmas Tree

Vickerman 7.5-ft. Flocked Alaskan Pine: Best Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree

Best Overall Artificial Christmas Tree

Vermont White Spruce

The Vermont White Spruce is Balsam Hill’s most popular product because of its realism, beauty, and range of lighting choices and heights. Additionally, it works well with the brand’s wreaths and garlands for a complete house decoration.

Putting up the tree is a breeze: Simply snap parts together, plug the tree into an outlet, and then use the foot pedal or remote to activate the lights. When disassembly, it is not necessary to turn off the lights; just separate and store the parts.

Most realistic Artificial Christmas tree
Balsam Hill

Nordmann Fir 7ft with candlelight clear LED

This is the gold standard of artificial trees: the branches are based on cuttings from genuine Nordmann firs, and the needles are waxy green on top and silvery below, much like the real thing. Unlike some other versions, the trunk has been made to seem like a genuine tree trunk to enhance the lifelike appearance. This 7-foot model has 2,026 tips.


In addition to sizes ranging from 4ft to 12ft, you have a variety of lighting choices. The tested Candlelight Clear contains 650 bulbs. The Colour + Clear variant features 960 light bulbs. The Twinkly Light Show option contains just 480 lights, but they can be manipulated through an app on a mobile device to produce various effects. There is an unlit variant as well.


Balsam Hill trees are simple to assemble due to their three interlocking components, but they are quite heavy (up to 174kg for the 12ft tree). This one weighs 45 kilograms, so you will likely need two individuals to assemble it.


The best Statement Christmas tree
National Tree Company

7.5-foot Feel Real Downswept Douglas Fir (PEDD1-D12-75)

In comparison to both more expensive and less expensive trees, National Tree Company’s 7.5-foot Feel Real Downswept Douglas Fir hits a nice mix between affordability, realism, and setup simplicity. This tree’s structure is comparable to that of other high-quality artificial trees, with approximately 2,000 realistic polyethylene branch tips encircling a core covered in less-realistic PVC “pine needles.”


The Downswept Douglas Fir, however, gives a more convincing image of a live tree because to its higher-than-average percentage of realistic branches. The tree’s exceptional adaptability is a result of its 750 built-in LED bulbs, which can be switched between white, multicolor, and a combination of the two. Also, whereas other trees need you to manually locate and connect the light string plugs amid the foliage, this tree includes a trunk-mounted PowerConnect system that accomplishes the work automatically when its three pieces are stacked. 


With a height of 712 feet and a width of almost 5 feet, the tree is well proportioned and can occupy the corner of practically any living room. Lastly, it is broadly accessible, simple to install, and affordably priced. (For smaller houses, we suggest the 612-foot model.) This kind, like other artificial trees, requires a considerable amount of storage space during the off-season, even when dismantled.

Best Unlit Christmas Tree
National Tree Company

Artificial Slim Christmas Tree

The National Tree Company Artificial Slim Christmas Tree is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a tree that you can customize. This minimalist tree is lacking of lights and ornamentation, allowing you to decorate it in your own style—and even alter it from year to year.

This tree’s assembly took less than seven minutes and needed just one person. The sections were far lighter than other possibilities, and the branches were simple to separate for intuitive and speedy fluffing. Disassembly was considerably simpler, requiring no instructions. The tree is readily compressed and fits into its storage box.


This tree’s tiny look makes it perfect for tight corners and compact places, but reduces its realism. The tree remains strong enough to support ornaments and tree toppers, making it ideal for people who like to embellish their tree.


Fraser Fir Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree

Since 1954, Puleo has been a well-known brand in the market of artificial Christmas trees. 

The stand is already connected, and the tree is pre-lit, so you can begin wrapping presents immediately. The narrow yet solid design is imposing while being compact suitable for confined settings such as an apartment, foyer, or smaller room

bEST PRE LIT Christmas Tree
Balsam Hill

Real-Feel Heritage Balsam Spruce Faux Christmas Tree

Don’t worry if this is your first time putting up an artificial tree; the directions included in the box are pretty detailed, but you may not even need to consult them until you reach the top piece. There are also 6- and 7-foot variants for smaller areas, lower ceilings, or fewer budgets.


This tree’s sturdiness, which can be tightened in three different ways, distinguishes it from other trees. The combination of PVC and “feel genuine” needles enhance the realism of this tree and provide the ideal foundation for a magnificent tree topper. Bear in mind that some of the lower branches may point downward, so place the heaviest decorations towards the top of the tree.

Snowy Faux Norway Spruce

This pre-lit, flocked Christmas tree is part of Terrain’s collection of artificial trees that are all very realistic, as are the other artificial trees in the collection. It is seven feet tall and has more than 4,200 individual branches. The tree is modeled by Europe’s native Norway spruces, which are luxuriant and exquisite and add refinement to your Christmas décor.

Grandin Road Long Needle Tinsel Tree

If you lack decorations or just lack the time to decorate, a tree that serves as a decoration, such as the Grandin Road Long Needle Tinsel Tree, is an excellent solution.


The tree’s 550 clear lights contribute to the festive atmosphere, and its metallic finish and frosted appearance give it a gorgeous glowing aspect, so it looks lovely even without ornaments. Naturally, you may add more tinsel or colored lights, but we like this tree’s natural beauty.


This is not the simplest tree to install, particularly when it comes to attaching the lights. With two people, it takes over 20 minutes, so make sure to allow up sufficient time for decorating. Correct fluffing may take some time, but the branches are quite simple to maneuver. Additionally, they seem quite durable, so don’t be scared to bring out the hefty decorations this holiday season!

Vickerman 7.5-ft. Flocked Alaskan Pine

The lifelike flocking on Vickerman’s Flocked Alaskan Pine Artificial Christmas Tree will transform your house into a winter paradise. Assembly and disassembly earned great marks, as we found it simple to remove each component out of the box and place it back inside. We like that there are no difficult wiring to connect, therefore the installation takes less than 15 minutes. Please note that disassembly might be quite challenging, mostly owing to the tree’s weight.


Once installed, we like the frosty appearance that puts a touch of winter into your house, even if you reside in a warmer location. A further benefit of this option is the diversity of light types and sizes. The 800 clear, brilliant lights are separated by 45 bigger bulbs, making this tree beautiful even without accessories. If you choose to add further ornamentation, you’ll be thrilled to learn that the branches are quite strong. 


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